©2003 Bona Ni Pasogit & Paul Hutagalung (MODERN BATAK&OLD in funrising for batak welfare)

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The complex is located nearby the village Siloam. The high placed village is located pproximately 3 hours with bus from the city of Pematang Siantar. This village had never any watersupply for their inhabitants.

Hepata is a foundation according to the Indonesian right. The priority of this foundation is to teach and give homing for blind people with a handicap. The patients live permanent in this complex. At the moment there are proximately 150 inhabitants. For their watersupply

the inhabitants were depended on rain and a river that floods through a deep ravine. You cane only reach the river by making a long journey that takes hours of your time.For blind an handicapt people it`s impossible to reach this river.As you can understand, that this people , by irregular rainfall fast out of water or that the water is verry bad.

So, this is the reason that the committee of Bona Ni Pasogit decided to keep a part of the profit of Malam Danau Toba, ( a big party in 1999 in the town Utrecht Holland ) for this complex so they can build an waterpump installation.

The assinment for the watersupply for “Hepata “.
To make the maintenance and reparation in the future easier, we choosed to use local means.Our co-operator in Indonesia, Ibu R. br. Aritonang ( she live in Pematang Siantar ) give guidance to this project and buy, how far it`s possible , the materials or was present to make purchases.

Ibu R. br. Aritonang also was present en following the installation in practice.Bona Ni Pasogit has given the installation in hands of the institution “Hepata”.“Hepata” carry the responsibility for the maintenance of the installation. Here for they make a schedule.

At laste there is also a small budget voor maintenance available and Ibu R. br. Aritonang will visit “Hepata” for de next years more than one`s to make an inspection if the installation is in a good condition. Eventual maintenance what “Hepata” can`t pay for themself will be payd from this budget.

Extra income.
Bona Ni Pasogit give an advise to “Hepata” to give also a profit from this waterpump to the other villagers. They can also take water of this installation for a small consideration. After a while, this money can be used for maintenance and eventual renew of this waterpump installation. When “Hepata” following this schedule, it is possible that Bona Ni Pasogit can use the rest of the budget for another project .

©2003 Bona Ni Pasogit & Paul Hutagalung


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