ISLAM in the world is the Poor looser in modern life of Indonesia dumb/uneducated always slowly dying in a modern world

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It wont be long islam indonesia is doomed and all the uneducated javanese or other ethnic stupid .which they are all suffering from all modern life styles .Indonesia soon will be lead by educated and modern life styles who believe sex and beauty money /power will hand by hand and will support business ideology.and tolerate all equality in democrasy.not based on old religion traditional/moral.roy_sianipar.

The Rise of Militant Groups

Thalib.jpgThe Sulawesi conflicts had been part of a wider war in adjacent islands of the archipelago, the Moluccan War. This had been initiated by Umar Jaffar Thalib (pictured), and his Islamist paramilitaries, the Lashkar Jihad, in 1999. By the time the war had ended in 2002, 9,000 people, mostly Christians, had been killed.

Thalib claimed to have met Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. He had fought in Afghanistan in the 1980s, where he became radicalized. Upon his return to Indonesia in the 1990s, he set up networks of Islamic boarding schools, called pesantren. In 2001, Thalib had been arrested for setting up an unofficial Islamic court, where he had sentenced a rapist to be stoned to death.

During the Moluccan conflict, Muslims loyal to Lashkar Jihad forcibly “converted” 3,900 Christians to become Muslims against their will. The majority of these, including women and the elderly, were forcibly circumcised.

Thalib, who is of Yemeni descent, was tried in January 2003 for sowing religious hatred, but was acquitted. Lashkar Jihad was officially disbanded in 2003.

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