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I understand I have just “a little bit annoyed” many muslims with this Blog, but I wrote what I did not to be malicious to Muslims but to tell the truth. If you have read this far it is for a reason. If you truly believed Muhammad was telling the truth, why would you have read this far? Maybe you are wondering what I believe? Am I a Christian, Jew, Hindu, Atheist, or a Pagan? Maybe I am an Ex-Muslim, or maybe not? What would it matter? The evidence against Muhammad would be the same. If you are reading this from a place that is under Islamic Law, I feel sorry for you; free speech is not allowed there. You have not heard the truth, but only that which promotes faith in Islam. Under Islamic Law I could be killed for this Blog. Why? Is dissent to Islam so feared that it must be silenced at any cost? Keep checking this Blog. I will be posting new stuff, and would love to add new sections. Thank you for visiting this Blog. Keep searching; the truth is out there! To Muslims; May the Truth Set You Free.


08 August 2008


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