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Batak Food!Batak Food! by Martin Manurung.



Batak Grill @ROY_SIANIPARany time any where….make every one hungry. TOBA DREAM CAFE &other places in Jakarta/indonesia.
Three main Batak dishes: cassava’s leaves with coconot milk (up), Sangsang (left, pork chopped boiled with pork blood and andaliman, batak spice) and Panggang (right, roasted pork). My lunch today at Lapo Ondihon, Jl. Pramuka, Jakarta.

P. Nainggolan, di/pada Mei 26th, 2008 pada 6:11 pm Dikatakan:
Salam kenal Raja Huta.. Horas!!

Blog yang anda buat sangat bagus karena berisi informasi2 yang bermutu! Aku selalu membaca cerita2 yang kau posting kesini.

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