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Jalan-jalan di google tampaknya bisa membawa kita pada sebuah kisah yang tak lazim terjadi. Saat membawa sebuah laporan dari Bahrain, sangat jelas bagaimana hampir semua elemen terlibat dalam human trafficking dan child prostitution. Bahkan TKW yang dipekerjakan itu kemudian menjadi mata pencaharian bagi keluarga Arab di Bahrain. Setelah ketahuan, suami istri tersebut ditangkap untuk dilepaskan kembali. Tidak ada yang tahu hukum apa yang menjadi alasannya. Hukum perbudakan, hukum agama, hukum sipil?? In this context, the Special Rapporteurs were informed that Ms. A.B.J., from Indonesia was recruited through a Jakarta-based private employment agency by a Bahraini married couple when she was 16. The couple agreed to sponsor her visa and employ her as a domestic worker.

Although she was born in 1989, the head of her Indonesian home village helpedarrange a passport that falsely stated her date of birth as 1 August 1978. After ABJ arrived in Bahrain on 24 June 2004, her employers took her passport away. On the evening of 26 June 2004, her employer touched her intimate body parts against her will. His wife was present when the incident occurred but did not protest. On the evening of the next day, after the wife had left the house, the employer forced ABJ to watch a pornographic film, tore off her clothes and touched her intimately once again even though she screamed in protest.

The next morning, ABJ informed the wife about the incident but she did not react. Approximately one month later, the wife told ABJ that she could earn additional money if she agreed to have sexual relations with men. That same day, she was forced to leave the house with an unknown man who took her to the premises of a factory where he and then another man raped her. The man told ABJ that he had paid the wife to have sexual relations with her. Even though she was bleeding and suf fered strong pain after the rapes, her employers did not allow her to seek medical assistance. Instead, the wife gave her pain killers.

In the weeks thereafter, ABJ was forced to have sexual relations with a number of men, including her employer. To diminish her resistance, ABJ was given stimulant drugs, presumably  ethylenedioxymethamphetamine (also known as Ecstasy). 10 . During the entire period she was confined to the house and was not able to communicate by mail or telephone. Only on the occasion of a relative’s visit did she manage to contact her employment agency in Jakarta with the relative’s mobile phone. The employment agency then organized her rescue. A criminal investigation was opened and the husband was detained for a brief period of time but then released. A forensic medical examination proved that ABJ had had repeated sexual intercourse, but no blood test was taken to determine the nature of the drugs that she had been given.

The husband/employer was indicted for rape and the wife for facilitating prostitution. At the time the communication was sent, the court hearing was scheduled to take place in September 2005. ABJ’s former employers still retained possession of her passport and had, at the time this communication was sent, neither paid her the wages agreed upon nor compensated her for the sexual violence suffered.


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