Batak Kingdom doomed because bad corruption elements inside of the ties and nepotism and not caring for their poor citizen,believing in slavery or domestic helpers low wages.exploited the human recourses badly.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008


Empire Existence Haru-karo

Empire of Haru-Karo starts to become big empire in Sumatra, but unknown surely when forming. However, Brahma Putra, in its(the book ” Karo from Jaman to Jaman” tells that at century 1 Masehi there [are] empire in North Sumatra which its(the king so called ” Protactinium Lagan”. Visit from the name is language coming from tribe Karo. Is it possible that during the period empire of emotion there [are]?, this thing still requiring research is more lanjut(Darman Prinst, SH : 2004) 

Empire of Haru-Karo is known to grows and grows in the some breath with empire Majapahit, Sriwijaya, Johor, Malaka and Acheh. Proven by empire of Haru have ever battled with the empires.

Empire of Identical emotion with tribe Karo,yaitu one of

read mrore full story


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