Obama Get out of Politic son before u got shot especially u got islam background influenced from Indonesia.american shot white men too

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obama_dead-150x150 Barack Obama Will Be Shot Like A White ManDID you know that Barack Obama has been the target of more than 500 death threats since launching his bid for the White House?

Fact: No black US president has been assassinated.

The Sun says at least 12 were serious. You can read about them in the Barack Obama Death Cult.

But is 500 a lot? “Can the ‘black Jesus’ escape an assassin’s bullet?” asks David Jones in the Express. Is that a threat?

While Obama has been allegedly threatened by Fred Astaire Nazis, Anorak recalls how Gordon Brown was caught in Channel 4’s crosshairs.

Has a national broadcaster made death threats against Obama? Not a bit of it. Not even the Arab stations have.
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  1. afghanjohn said,

  2. roysianipar said,

    islam in the world would be very proud of Him ofcourse…
    They might try to communicate and try to make a big deal of islam true image….and this is the chance to show off …..But
    on the other hands american citizen just using black american negro to polsih the rough road to victory which the american couldnt achive in a aesy and short time.Remember who is in charge with monetry system?african american islam (Obama?)ofcoursenot.

    hope american people not making a big mistake,,using islam background especially xfrom Indonesia.will bring the trust of the terrorist to be good allies to the american.radical islam will never count on Obama.Hes nothing to them.Its a big business by using religion org in the world.

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