john Spiteri says:……………………………in respond to islamic activities in Indonesia Lately.

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  1. john Spiteri said,


    Crime dominates the daily Indonesian life.Especially in major metropolitan areas. There are often reports from restaurants,malls, shops and hotel-staff copying down credit-cards-numbers of customers.

    One must be aware of the surrounding crowds.Pick-Pockets is common in crowds and on public transport.

    Night-Spots all over Indonesia can be bad experience if drinks are added

    with drug that puts victim into long periods of sleep and it’s side effects are memory-loss,nausea, strong headaches and vomiting.

    There are continuous reports from hotel-rooms where all belongings go missing including Passports and credit-cards.

    Counter-Terrorism efforts have had good results. But the threat remains. Terrorists attacks could occur any time. JI. Network is very active and it’s funding protects and nourishes stability and extends its revenge further out of its sanctuary from Tebet Timur Dalam (12820) to gain strategy in Europe.

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