Indonesia ini cerita bersambung dari prilaku bangsa yg menggotos PKI pada zaman Suharto.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Over the last two years, ethnic violence by Islamists and hostility has been mounting in Indonesia against the ethnic Chinese.
 The underlying causes of increasing tensions include political instability, economic problems, and the remnants of the government’s policy on transmigration.
Heightened ethnic tensions, especially against the Chinese, are partially a result of economic scarcity following the Asian financial crisis. And a great example of “Islam the Religion of Peace” in action.
 Although the ethnic Chinese comprise only around 4% of the population, before the financial crisis they accounted for the majority of private economic wealth and activity.
 This is partly due to the Dutch colonial legacy of using the ethnic Chinese as “middlemen”.
 While some of the Chinese control large amounts of money, there are also many lower and working class ethnic Chinese. They get raped in the streets by Islamists anyway, too.


In just a couple of months the spring of 1998, around 1,200 Chinese were tortured or killed and many businesses were looted or destroyed. Bodies were left in the streets.Usually impaled for viewing on poles.

 Since then, an estimated 150,000 ethnic Chinese have fled the country, taking their assets with them, although some have since returned. Many of them never made it out.

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  1. tunglang said,

    They have faces of unspeakable evil unseen in human societies.
    Call them animals if no other names are appropriate.

    • roysianipar said,

      so many tragedy with Indonesia since the independent
      is it part of DEMOCRASSY or price to achive FREEDOM?

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