Islam in Indonesia now they are thinking of Justice after the 3 terrorist axecution? Its about time to Understand who got the power and money in the world.christian and jews .its not Islam.put it right in your Head so stop fucking and mucking around the Law

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Pamphlets protesting the execution of Amrozi and friends circulating widely in Solo

Publication time: 2 November 2008, 10:51

The objections over the execution of the Bali Bombers, Amrozi and friends, are appearing again in some districts. In Solo, pamphlets protesting the execution were widely circulating.


The pamphlets without the stamp or signature mentioned that Amrozi and friends are Mujahideen who are conducting Jihad on Allaah’s name and not terrorists. The pamphlets also warned the possibility of tribal, religious, racial or inter-groups conflicts in Indonesia triggered by the execution of Amrozi and friends.


The execution according to them is an act of MURTAD, KAFIR and LAKNAT as Amrozi and friends are Mujahideen.


The pamphlets could be found in many Masjids in Solo. It might be that the pamphlets were produced by the activists from the Masjids all over Solo, who believed that the decision for the execution is an act of cruelty and that the government were not being just to the Islamic ummah.


Hundreds of Muslims In Convoys Through The Town Of Solo Protesting The Execution Of Amrozi and Friends


Hundreds of Muslims from a variety of backgrounds, societal organizations, and mosque youths, today (31/10/08), were in convoys circulating peacefully the town of Solo in an effort to protest the decision for the execution of Amrozi and friends.


The protest began from Masjid Salamah and would end with a brief oration in Bunderan Gladak which have been the centre for demonstration by the elements in Solo.


According to one of the participants in the convoy, their protest was as an act of solidarity and in defense of the Mujahideen like Amrozi, from the tyranny of the government.


“My participation in this protest is as a form of my solidarity as well as my effort in defending them (the Mujahideen) from the tyranny of the government who have planned to execute the Mujahideen like Imam Samudera,” thus Zaki, one of the participants in the convoys told


After the convoys ended, according to plan, they would continue their peaceful procession heading towards Lamongan to receive the arrival of Amrozi and Mukhlas. They would come in stages and in waves with cars and motorcycles.


“After the convoys ended, we would continue towards Lamongan after the ‘asr prayer,” one of the participants said.


Abu Bakar Ba’asyir Rejects The Execution Of Amrozi and Friends


The objections over the execution of the three prosecuted Bali Bombing 1 case, Amrozi and friends, are reappearing in some districts, amongst them is Solo. In a statemet today after the Friday prayer, 31st November 08, Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, as the Amir of Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid (JAT), announced his objection over the execution of Amrozi and friends this early November.


In a press release he gave in Masjid Salamah Solo, Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid, the organization led by Abu Bakar Ba’asyir gave out five messages and statements relating to the execution of Amrozi and friends.


Abu Bakar Ba’asyir believed that the execution that will be carried out by the government is a cruel decision. According to him the decision is contradictory to Allah’s law and are not based on facts.


“The decision is in violation of the basic principles of the acts, article 28 (1) UUD 1945 and article 1 KUHP” he added.


Abu Bakar Ba’asyir also called for the government to find the masterminds of the acts of violence (including mosque bombings) in Moluccus Islands, Ambon, Lampung, Tanjung Priok, as well as Poso which slaughtered much more victims than the Bali Bombing, to be equally executed…ABUBAKAR GOBLOK KAPAN GILIRAN MU DI HUKUM MATI?BANDOT TUA.BERHENTILAH KAMU MENGHASUT ANAK PESANTREN UTK MEMBUNUH DIRI DEMI UTK ISLAM MU ITU!!ABUBAKAR STOP ITU FPI LASKAR JIHAD UTK BERTINDAK ANARKIS SEPERTI POLISI TDK BERBAJU DINAS> KAMU PIKIR INDONESIA INI HUKUM ISLAM/ARAB?ABUBAKAR KAMU MASIH INGAT PEMBAKARAN GREJA DAN PEMBUNUHAN AMBON SULAWESI?JGN LAH KAMU PURA PURA GOBLOK TAPI BODOH.DASAR BANDOT TUA. But predictably those massacres of the Muslims instigated by the Christians of course did not get much international media coverage. And as it appeared the Christian instigators of those massacres were given protection and asylum by America!


Source: Theunjustmedia


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