Another out standing from sianipar/marga Monangsianipar the TOBA DREAM CAFE publican

MonangSianipar…is one of my inspiring person,He work hard in his life .could never sleep more than 4 hrs in night time.he never stop dreaming and planning and leading his plan right and perfect.He always almost gave up to his batak people thats why he never have time to look for batak lady for his companion.instead west javanese .sundanese woman.He loved her dearly and treated her more tha Batak women.he tought her batak way of lifeand comunicate with mostly Batak family.

He started with big zero and used to ride on old vespa made in italy.he knew how hard to live in foreign land.he used to be employed by Garuda cargo in jakarta.and he wanted to be some one who doesnt like to be told off or bossing around with all the bosses. so he he figured it out and he decided to pull the string and from there he started with his own small parcel /cargo business.

But its not just working and planning .there is a close relation to his christian belief,so there you go .He got it right up to the top of roof.he got 3 boys and daughter.his younger brother is always stay close to him.and looking after the goal keeper in business.his name is armansianipar. both of them parmanently tight contract with javanese women.his son vikysianipar followed his foot step to javanese woman too, but bony sianipar open new gap with Batak woman.sahat? ask him im not so sure.

To me is the Monang sianipar not the children.Monang sianipar loved dearly Batak tradition and culture,but beside he loved it he maintain the system with trades.he open his cafe Batak lapo .and he take advantage of his son talent with we all know Batak loves music and batak dishes.sassang and dekke na niarsik.and susuni horbo,mm and last but notleast is andaliman spices. shit man made me hungry already.

Well you guys if you like to know more about Monang sianipar come and see him personally in his cafe and he is down to earth .he is generous and friendly .dont worry about his wife she does speak batak too.He smoke gudang garam 20 packet a day.I told him to stop but its too let him enjoy the beautiful very short life in this world.every one got a bad habit.if you dont smoke well you take you and I cant win.Lets enjoy life what we have and dont forget to sing Batak song lissoi lissoi means lets get high.

roy_sianipar tribute to Monangsianipar /his soul


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