Hmm…I dont remember any Batak folktale…all the ones I’ve been told aren’t Batak ones….
Sep 11 2007, 10:34 PM
Losty, I forgot what kind of Batak are you? Batak Karo? Batak Simalungun? If you are a Batak Toba, this one should please you:

Lake Toba

One day a man went out fishing. After a long time waiting, he was getting desperate. But then, his fishing rod got a reaction. Soon, he caught a very beautiful fish. “You are so beautiful, too bad, I’m going have to eat you” said the man. To his surprise, the fish replied, “Oh please don’t eat me. Just take me to a pond near your house”. Feeling sorry for the fish, he granted its wish. The morning after, he was surprised to see a beautiful woman was sitting by the pond. “Who are you?” the man asked. “You have spared my life yesterday. I know that you are very lonely, from now on you will have me as a companion.” said the beautiful woman. “You will become my wife?” asked the man, very surprised. “Yes, with one condition. You should never mention who I really am no matter what. Promise me that, and I will marry you.” said the woman. The man agreed, and they got married.

Time went by, and together they raised their son, a handsome little boy. One day the boy went to deliver lunch to his father in the field, but he was halted by his friends. His friends asked him to play with them, but he said he gotta deliver his father lunch. His friends kept on insisting, and eventually he agreed to play with them for a while. He quickly forget the time, and went on playing until it was late. He realized he still got chore to do, and rushed to the field to see his father. His father was very hungry by now, and was really mad when he found out that his son came late because he was playing with his friends, and even though his son said he was sorry, he could not restrain his anger. “I work hard for you, and you kept me hungry because you want to play with your friends? Why you, no-good excuse for a son! You’re useless and stupid, no wonder because you are a son of a fish! Go home now, you son of a fish!”.

The boy went back home crying and told everything to his mother. “Is it true, mom?” he asked. The mother looked at her son with sadness “It’s true my son. Your father had promised me that he won’t reveal this secret. Now, he must pay for his inability to keep that secret”. She take her son to a high place and beat her drum. Soon, the sun was covered by thick-black clouds and lightning are everywhere, the sound of thunder roared, and soon a storm happened. The man realized his mistake and wanted to say he was sorry to his wife but it’s too late, the land was filled with water and he was drowned in it. Now, the area became the famous lake “Danau Toba” and Pulau Samosir (Samosir Island) in he middle of it was the place where the mother and son went to avoid the flood.


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