BATAK IN EUROPE FUND RISER.just to help their home land.why do they care?because some one have to start.what about other part of BATAK people too?or just sit doing nothing?busy corrupting and greedy to build a empire like mr suharto/pardede?end of the day they wont bring the money with them to the 2 meter square.grave yard..



Dear Sir or Madam With this letter we are happy to introduce our association to you. ‘Bona Ni Pasogit’ is a cultural association like its Batak name and logo shows. The name Batak needs a short explanation.

The Batak, a collective noun for six tribes, are considered as the first and oldest peoples of Indonesia. The mainly Christian, Batak live in the highlands of the northern province of the island Sumatra, (also called Bataklands) with at its heart, the mystic Lake Toba (Danau Toba).

Like many other Indonesian peoples, many Batak also live in Europe. ‘Bona Ni Pasogit’ was founded to replace the feeling of being far away from home, by a general sense of being






home. In the Netherlands ‘Bona Ni Pasogit’ regularly organises cultural events. Funds are raised during these events called “Danau Toba Night”. So far already two of these events have taken place, the first in Utrecht in 1999, the second in Amsterdam in 2002. Both “Danau Toba Nights” were attended by hundreds of people from the Netherlands and foreign countries.

With the proceeds from these events we support a number of charities in North Sumatra, which are selected by our organisation.

Further on there is a summary with photos, of projects which were funded with the proceeds of the last “Danau Toba Night”. For further information you can access our website:



Working method of our association

Very important to us (and you) is that our contacts with Sumatra are direct. Our own representative manages the projects, at the actual site. Local+ly, necessary materials and labour are personally acquired. As a result not only aid but employment also, is provided. And very effectively: 95(!) EUROCENTS of every EURO raised are spent directly, locally.









“Alpha Omega” an institute for the mentally and physically disabled at Kabanjahe.

A part of the proceeds of the “Danau Toba Night” is intended to finance the shipping of these goods.


We kindly like to ask for your support in organising this 3rd “Danau Toba Night”

If your heart goes out to the most vulnerable people of our Bataklands and want to help these people (which of course, we hope for) you can support us in 2 different ways.

1. By f



inancial support.

You will directly help to realise our goals. Instantly you have a significant positive effect on the lives of these people in the Bataklands.

• You can transfer your donation to the Rabobank, account number Bona Ni Pasogit, Donation “Danau Toba Night 2005”

2. By making



items available as winning prizes for our tombola.

The tombola is at the end of the evening. People can buy lottery tickets for the tombola. The proceeds of the tombola also are intended for the mentioned goals,

• You can offer your support by e-mail or by telephone to our office:

Mr. & Mrs. Timmers – Limbong, Rijn 3, 5172 DK, Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands +31 (0416) 28 04 17

Mr. & Mrs. Jacobs–Pakpahan, Valenakkerweg 21, 6006 LH, Weert, Netherlands

Tel. by day: +31 (0)40 23 21 491 Tel. at evening: +31 (0)495 53 21 99

Fax: +31 (0)84 718 9679


For your help you get something back in return!!

• Exposure in the event room. Here a wall will be reserved for all the names of the sponsors. According to your wishes you can supply us with logos, posters, flyers, etc. for this purpose.

• On our Internet site under the button sponsor for one year, your name will be added.

• On the actual night we will also put our sponsors in the spotlight. All companies and persons who support this event will be mentioned by name, during this evening.

We are very grateful for your support for these charities.

If you still have any questions whatsoever please contact us. We will gladly provide you with the answers.

Kind regards on behalf of Bona Ni Pasogit,

Mr. Paul T. Huta Galung


Danau Toba Night III Bona Ni Pasogit Europe









Projects and support by


“Bona Ni Pasogit”






Hydraulic pump installation

Institution for the blind and deaf

“Hepata” at Siloam.








Church organ




Leper colony and hospital “Huta Salem”






Financial support




to hospital “Bethesda” at Saribudolok.






Hydraulic pump installation.




Institute for the mentally and physically disabled “Alpha Omega” at Kabanjahe.






Financial support




to “Hepata” for maintenance of the hydraulic pump installation.






Financial support




to “Huta Salem” for the maintenance of the organ.






Financial support




to Orphanage “Pelangi” at Siborongborong.






Domestic materials




, on kind request of orphanage “Elim” at Pematang Siantar
















Financial support




to Benefit day “Bukit Lawang Day” in The Hague. This was for the disaster of the flood in Bukit Lawang.







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