Famatahidup Statue from Batak-Karo Tribe, Indonesia
The name of the statue is Famatahidup. The statue is from batak-Karo, North Sumatera. This statue was only taked out from the house & used it if there were ceremony or party for Karo tribe.
The age is 150 years old, the statue is about 75 cms heights & the weight is about 1 kg.

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Telp. : +62-81384500214

Tribe: Batak
Size: 50-100cm
Region: South East Asia
Region: Indonesia
Func: Fetish
Func: Male Figure

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Empire Existence Haru-karo

Empire of Haru-Karo starts to become big empire in Sumatra, but unknown surely when forming. However, Brahma Putra, in its(the book ” Karo from Jaman to Jaman” tells that at century 1 Masehi there [are] empire in North Sumatra which its(the king so called ” Protactinium Lagan”. Visit from the name is language coming from tribe Karo. Is it possible that during the period empire of emotion there [are]?, this thing still requiring research is more lanjut(Darman Prinst, SH : 2004)

Empire of Haru-Karo is known to grows and grows in the some breath with empire Majapahit, Sriwijaya, Johor, Malaka and Acheh. Proven by empire of Haru have ever battled with the empires.

Empire of Identical emotion with tribe Karo,yaitu one of tribe in Nusantara. During his(its golden, empire of Haru-Karo starts Achenese of finite Besar to river Siak in Riau. Existence Haru-Karo in Acheh for certain with a few name of countryside over there coming from language Karo. For Example King Tantalum ( Now Banda Aceh), Tantalum Binjei in East Acheh, Rock Tantalum, Nature Tantalum, Tantalum Lubok, Kuta Laksmana Mahmud, Tantalum Cane, Blang Kejeren, and other. ( DPrinst, SH: 2004)

There is tribe Karo in Big Acheh which in Acheh patois called as Karee. Existence of tribe Haru-Karo in this Acheh confessed by H. Muhammad Said in its(the book ” Acheh Along The Length Of Century”, ( 1981). He(she emphasizes that Big Acheh aborigin is descendant alike Batak. But is not explained descendant from batak such the aborigin. Meanwhile, H. M. Zainuddin in its(the book ” Tarikh Aceh and Nusantara” ( 1961) told that in Big Acheh dale is beside [by] Kerajaan Islam there are empire of batak Karo. its(the Selanju it is mentioned that aborigin or native from Ke-20 Mixed residence with tribe Batak Karo ysng in Achenese called as batak Karee. Brahma Putra, in its(the book ” Karo Sepanjang Zaman” tells that last king of tribe Karo in Big Acheh is Manang Ginting Suka.

Group of karo in Acheh then changes name to become ” The Lhee Reutoih” or the three hundred. Naming that way related to event of dispute between tribes Karo with Hindu tribe over there agreed on finalized with duel. Three of hundred ( 300) people tribe Karo will quarrel with four hundred ( 400) people Hindu tribe in an esplanade. This reconcilable duel and after the time/date of that is tribe Karo conceived of clan three hundred and the Hindu called as the four hundred.

Then day happened intertribal mixing of Karo with Hindu tribe and they conceived of the Jasandang. Other faction is Kaum Imam Pewet and Kaum Tok Batee which is tribe mixture pendatang, like: The Hindu, Arab, Persian, and other.


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  1. Batak Kingdom doomed because bad corruption elements inside of the ties and nepotism and not caring for their poor citizen,believing in slavery or domestic helpers low wages.exploited the human recourses badly. « my radical judgement said,

    […] read mrore full story […]

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