Batak Land management is down the hill with the “corruption”

If you guys look at this land management by Batak people.isnot a very good one.but the very bad one.its seem every one done burning and not many trees left. Below map is the multimillion dollar cash flow from mines and precious metal burried underneath of batak soil.but REMEMBER DO THE BATAK KNOW HOW?OR JUST WAITING FOR FOREIGNER TO EXPLORE IT ? THATS MEANS SMALL PERCENTAGE IF YOU DONT OWN IT?SO WHAT POLITIC BATAK HAVE IN MIND?RELYING ON CORRUPTED JAVANESE AND FEW BATAK ARMY/POLICE OR RICH FAMILY MAY BE?…..WELL LETS SEE WHAT WIND WILL BRING?…..MY HOPE IS VERY PESSIMISTIC INDEED.ITS CORRUPTION ERA IN BATAK AT THE MOMENT.ITS BEEN GOING ON SINCE INDONESIA BECAME A RELIGIOUS MINDED.PRAY AT NIGHT CORRUPT DURING DAY light.

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10 km
10 mi
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Below photo is the billion dollar cash flow for batak citizen if they do look after their own people.especially if they know how or just looking after few people pocket.may be.Batak soil full of precious mineral and uranium and gold and diamond. gas and oil but if they know how. refer the image to the expert geos expert I mean…….can batak people process their own educated young people or just using and corrupted all foreigner investor?

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2000 ft
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