What’s wrong with Indonesia/batak. taking care of the own people?


I live in Australia, the capital of the democrasy in australiasia 

I have a question for indonesia /Batak. What is going wrong in your country that so many Indonesian/batak are desperate to leave their home country and want to work in the Malaysia/or overseas
On one hand I know that Indonesia/batak is a developed country but on the other hand, why is there still so much poverty? Why is there such a discrepancy between rich and poor?

Indonesia was one of the world’s poorest economies when it won its independence from Dutch/japan in 1947. Incredibly, 60 years later, the country’s emerging economic clout has made it Asia’s top spot for billionaires.”

Why is Indoneisa not taking care of their own people? Why do these people leave the their own county to survive? Very often illiterate workers also get cheated by their own people and end up in depths. Their way out is to commit suicide. Indonesia /jakarta/medan or tapanuli.So many batak peole left their home and if they go to Jakarta .or any part of indonesia always got their family back up to support the bribes money so they can get the jobs/school.And when they made to the top /rich man from corruption then they will seek islam women for their wife/instead batak lady…..which they always dream of before they left their home land.
May I please ask what is wrong with Indonesia/batak or your system?..TD PARDEDE…rich and whats happenning to all his hard work? Panggabean?.. Monang sianipar….oh so many so few rich batak but look at the home land batak…….no progress road link from medan air port to toba is really badly build…no high way..all ..just like undevelope country……………after 100 yrs merdeka?  or 1000 yrs already? hollander and japanese must be laughing to see indonesian/batak people done to the colony.nothing but corruption.



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