do U really love batak music? here is one from Australia work for You



Free Scores

Compositions for brass

Salute to Medan
O Tano Batak
Hallelujah Chorus (Handel)


Salute to Medan

When asked about the folk songs of Southeast Asia, most people (if they know any such songs at all!) usually cite standards such as Chan Mali Chan and Bengawan Solo. However, there are hundreds of others. This selection, written especially for the Medan Band by Australian composer Noel Jones, includes four well loved traditional Indonesian songs from across the archipelago that are hardly known outside the country. The arrangement was written for brass band, but I have provided a brass ensemble score as well. If fact, by following the scoring scheme given at the bottom of this page, you can get your whole concert band to play along.

As is standard practice on this website, the music has been released into the public domain for non-commercial use. The music should not provide any technical difficulties for the average lower secondary school band.

Here are the first few bars from the brass ensemble score:

Download the brass ensemble score here (183kb), and the brass band score here (214kb). A full set of parts can be downloaded here (481kb)


O Tano Batak

O Tano Batak is widely regarded as one of the unofficial “national anthems” of the Batak people of North Sumatra (Indonesia). It is a folk song about that tells the story of someone who has traveled all over the world but still remembers his homeland. Batak choirs often sing it at cultural festivals. You can download the lyrics of the song in the original Batak language, together with translations into Bahasa Indonesia (the Indonesian national language) and English here.

Here are the first few bars taken from my arrangement for brass ensemble:


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