FED UP WITH BATAK ATTITUTE? its not easy to be Batak .so dont call your self batak if you dont follow the root/if its too hard for you go and get javanese islam men/women.

24 Sep 03

Ever go to Batak wedding? Yes? Good…remember my warning, just attend, dont ever think to be involved.

My brother’s weeding, Fritz, was smoothly arranged and conducted from 5 am to 12 am. That is the time since the groom and bride put their make-up and dress up to the end of photo session in the church. Everything went well ~~normal, at least~~.

Early morning, we went to Cengkareng ~~Joice’s home~~ for breakfast, and take her to the church. Normal traffic. Though some participant come in the last minute in the church, and though the sermon took quite long time, things are still considered okay. Btw, I really sick when found that the pastor’s wife ring the bells that was brought by Adrian ~~the bell ringer~~ during the sermon. Did she want to sign the preacher? Yet, that is not a polite way to do it.

Signal of problems then appeared when we reach the reception hall. Out-of-nowhere, a guy then say bad words to my sister, Lorit, just because she is about to arrange the usher’s desk. Why he has to complaint was not clear for us, but enough to made us angry. We never knew the guy, never we met him during the crazy preparation meeting or what. Why Lorit has to obey him? Sometimes, we dont understand the logic of Batak, particularly when a party going. ~~Later we assume that he was in the effort to make people believe that he was so closssse to the bride’s family or something like that~~

Then, apparently of so much attendance, the foods gone in a very short time. We ~~as the family~~ dont even get any food. Gee.

Worst of them, are:

One, the smoke of the cigarettes filled the air and add to the hot day and room.

Second, we can not even ask for a glass of aqua that been distributed around…reason: those are for guests. But, then…when we bought a carton ourselves, everybody ask for one. We ended up buy cartoons of aqua as an additional expenses to the party.

Consider that we are all hungry (and some other polite people) we would like to have the lapet ~~traditional batak cake~~ to be served first for the family. Then, one people said, that we could not do that. Other said, that she would like to reserve ~~a big amount of it~~ for dont-know-who. Other than yell that it is only belong to the bride’s family or groom’s family…men…I dont know why they think they are the most powerful people in the small kitchen. I order my family to take as much as they like and distribute as much as they like as early as they like. Then those people that I never known angry with me.

Hiras become so angry when a man took his ~~just like the robber~~ and asked him to buy cigarettes. Whatttttt??? ~~ever think to order your non-smoking-even-hate-smoke pastor to buy cigarettes?


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