Islam and christian is a peaceful religion both is equal right?who is the looser?is the death one.who is the winner?”Holy God”

Photo Exhibition

Pure Islam and Peaceful Islam ; The photographs speaks for itself.

John: Ali Sina’s prediction, can it happen?
Reader comment on article:

Submitted by Ash (United States), Dec 5, 2005 at 19:11John: I do not know whether you know it or not, islamic religious hierarchy through history ensured that muslim masses stay ignorant of what is really in quran and it’s context in hadiths and sira by not letting the hadiths and siras be translated . Since most arabs are illiterate and most muslims are non arabs they managed to keep them ignorant. Some non muslims knowledgable of arabic wrote about Mohammed’s violent life in 19th century , but except some scholars no body read it.Besides most muslims believe every ridiculous lie from a muslim but do not believe anything said by a non muslim ( quran says non muslims are liars, and your enemies)

Sahih hadiths in entirity and , and oldest siras by Ishaq and Tabari got translated in later 20th century. Although muslims kill anybody who criticizes islam or Mohammed, but the cat did get out of the bag. With the advent of internet you are seeng more and more vocal apostates. Prominent well known vocal apostates are Dr. Ibn e Warraq, Dr.Ali Sina, Ayan Hirsi Ali, Irshad Manji, Dr Tslima Nasreen, Anwar Shaikh, Parveen Darabi, Salman Rushdi. However they all live in non muslim countries. They all carry death threats and would by lynched by muslim mobs even before being put to death by sharia under blasphemy laws.
Problem is 65% muslims are illiterate. Many of the literate ones do not use internets. Even if they use internets many sharia based countries ban any website critical of islam. Thus the only hope is western secularist muslims .And Saudis are spending billions to establish mosques in the west, convert less educated minorities, excons and gullible females by promoting a false and misleading image of islam and lies.

Almost every black man who is muslim told me that he was converted in the prison. They are converting 30000 ex-cons in prisons every year. Why are we allowing it? Why are we allowing mosques to be built on every corner by Saudis when they do not even let us take a bible into their country, let alone establishing a church or a temple.

Why are we committing this suicide. Sharia based countries are most backward , most corrupt, least free and poorest (except few oil rich nations). Do americans want to see their countryrun Taliban style?. If not then dont just sit around watching TV before it is too late and islamist even ban your TV and you are wearing a turban and sitting on a prayer rug, ( like Michael savage says). France is getting there. Are we on our way too?

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