its been2Long away from Batak Home sick home sick by roy_sianipar

Dedicate all my original songs to my Batak Home Land and all my best friends ,where ever they are.some died some poor some became corrupted officer in Indonesia.some of them acted like do gooders.Useless too.
Hope all my best friend in Batam 7 yahoo chat room Happy to see this video clips.
Horas to Hamu sude akka dongan parchatting di Batam7 yahoo.


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  1. 2nd video clips roy_sianipar Music Album”been2Long away from batak Home « my radical judgement by roysianipar said,

    […] READ MORE.or LISTEN TOMY MUSIC? roysianipar @ 3:37 am [filed under Uncategorized tagged batak, dairi, karo, mandailing, manjuntak, manurung, pakpak, ROYSIANIPAR, samosir, SIANIPAR, simalungun, sipirok, siregar, toba, TOBING, VIKYSIANIPAR […]

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