john Spiteri says:……………………………in respond to islamic activities in Indonesia Lately.


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BLOG RESMI 2i2h DATA COMPLETE OF 2i2h in Jakarta tracked by roy_sianipar.please tolong di lacak ni org jawa yg selalu memprovakator org nonislam di internet  umumnya mereka ini nongkrong di dan org ini biasanya calon islam pasukan bunuhdiri mau jihad demi porno dan agama islam yg mereka anut.WARNING TO ALL NONMUSLIM DI INTERNET ATAU DI INDONESIA..ini info adm 2i2h      

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john Spiteri
Comment This note is written with a meaning not just a composition to please. A country is made by people & people makes identity. If there is anything wrong with the country. It’s the people’s. Most of Indonesian girls have serious complexity problems with their personality. Some thing that makes them ashamed of being Indonesians is corruption anywhere you go & terrorism is giving bad image into their own motherland. One reconsider need in traveling Indonesia. Especially Jakarta. Due to very high risk of terrorists attacks or chances of human kidnapping.Jakarta is indicated as an area where terrorists hide.Tebet Timur Dalam (12820) is known for harboring terrorists & a sanctuary for schooling young innocent girls trained to believe in the Jihad. It is evident. Terrorism is growing to high extreme level in Jakarta and moving its Satanic machine gaining strategy into the north European hemisphere.Seeking revenge on anybody. Terrorists attacks could take place anytime.One must be vigilant during holiday periods like Christmas. Many young Indonesian girls are using Internet communications to find their way out of Indonesia.They even go to extreme resources and ask money from JI.’s Funding. Same dramatic story like that of Listiani Lestari.After finishing her studies was unable to find work and to survive she & her father Soedardjo Darman accepted the offer from Jemaah al Islamiah using Listiani Lestari to look & recruit young Indonesian girls teaching them to believe in the Jihad.Preparing them with computer studies & inject them with Anti-American hatred.Ready to be transfered to Europe to use them as human-bombs. According to Miss.Sulistyo,from the office of the President of Indonesia. Buying forged documents like Passports is most common thing from Jakarta Black-Market. It’s a fact that Jemaah al Islamiah are moving out of Indonesia.Together with Indo/Malaysian regime are gaining fast strategy in European territories with a determination of strong religious believe.To destroy & kill Anti-Islam.”Tanzim Qaidat al-Jihad fi Eurupa” with a slogan Allahu Akbar. With the fast progress brought by the European Union giving easy access to enter Europe & Schengen. It’s more than just innocent. Where socio/religious conflicts do manifest hatred towards non Islam in Europe. Once terrorist settle in Europe. They become integrated in among society. Even they can register as European citizens. This means the system is wrong. While Asian Muslims enter North of Europe. African Muslims invade South. Leaving the north African coast on fishing vessels and let them half-way on small rafts to reach on their own safe to the South European Archipelago. Asking for support & work,of which European Catholics do give generously. Is this the Silent War Islam is claiming





  1. john Spiteri says:……………………………in respond to islamic activities in Indonesia Lately. « my radical judgement by roysianipar said,

    […] read full story roysianipar @ 4:18 pm [filed under Uncategorized tagged ambon, batak, ISLAM, islamteroroist, JAKARTA, JAVA, jihad, macassar, medan, menado, ROYSIANIPAR, sumatra, tapanuli, VIKYSIANIPAR […]

  2. Sigit Hendra Gunawan said,

    My name is Sigit Hendra Gunawan. Born Islam and my home address is: JI. Tebet Timur Dalam III D. No.16.Rt.005. Rw.003 South Jakarta 12820.

    Islam is Indonesia. Islam opens a world of glory in Allah the Supreme.
    Islam has many manifestations. In particular, the ability to keep active and effective in the most critical situations.

    200 out 230 million of Indonesia population is Islam. This makes Indonesia the World’s largest Muslim population. Indonesia Constitution is based on Islamic Shari’a Law and Government provides and make obligatory for Muslims to follow Shari’a.

    Islam on the other hand is a watch dog within the Indonesian Islamic Kingdom in the observation of Shari’a.

    “Front Line Islam Defenders” is a group that protects Indonesia from any outside invasion of ideas that are offensive to Islam Believe. Any hostile aggression is to be punished accordingly. Hotels, Nightclubs, Bars and all night entertaining establishments must keep to the limit and respect Islam

    Islam is in control of Indonesia and still our “Front Line Islam Defenders is gaining best strategies in Europe and further.

  3. Meini Listanti said,

    Ref: Islam is an Institution of fear, bloodshed and hatred.

    My name is Meini Listant id:51710242057. Born Islam Indonesia.

    After the Ritz-Carlton and Marriott’s suicide attacks by Muslim extremists.
    Who have nothing to do but attack their homeland and kill innocent people just for the sake of the Evil Islam and it’s crazy Shari’a. And putting Indonesia again to a third class country damaging the infrastructure of Tourism and foreign investments.But crazy Islam Clerics want’s to dictate what the Government to do. What is clear is the fact that Indonesia is ruled by sick Islam Clerics and Ministers are just puppets and happy to own a good seat that carries good salaries plus many advantages. While millions are dieing in poverty and crime.

    The curriculum of the Islam vocational academies is a manifestation of bloodshed and hatred against America that builds up the future of the innocent young Indonesians to give their live for these sick Islam Clerics who just cultivate their inner poison against society.

    Islam turn Indonesia into a sick nation. Where poverty crime and terrorism
    dominates our daily live.

  4. Soedardjo Darman id:860430053 said,

    As per the Jakarta Post Article published by same journal columnist Kornelius Purba. He give clear description of the best character of any Indonesian people who have been infected by the Bacillus Suhartani. Specially those who lived during the dictatorship of President Suharto and his( regime). They survived the prison and stronger than before living in luxury and comfort while poverty and despair is dominant in the streets of Jakarta by day and by night. The cry of sorrow can easily be heard throughout the entire internet cafes bagging for money to any chatter on line far beyond the human imagination that brings intelligence and honesty so very near that easily can be corrupted by those who cry in despair for more and more without an end. Indonesian internet cafes are good investments to owns country economy which imports a volume of Rupiah every day through Swift Money Transfers via anonymous id’s and many names each Indonesian born with. Crime and Corruption is synonyms with Islamic Indonesia.

    Kornelius Purba describes the Indonesian People who suffers from this incurable cancer as a Sick Nation. Good example of this active virus is that of Tommy Suharto who all the rest of his life is manifesting symptoms of Lupus autoimmune disease with all the plunder he inherited out of the innocent blood of the incredible multi nation with equal belief in the Shariah Commandments.

    One question the observers do : What are the Police, Army and Government doing just to minimize Terror, crime and hatred in Indonesia.

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