million of pictures to tell how beautiful our LAKE TOBA is

IMG_7427 by J_K_H.IMG_7431 by J_K_H.Fresh Fish Curry by J_K_H.St. Alfonso Catholic Church, Tuk Tuk, Lake Toba by J_K_H.Traditional Batak Grave by J_K_H.IMG_7622 by J_K_H.Traditional Batak Dancing, Bagus Bay Guesthouse by J_K_H.IMG_7445 by J_K_H.Hiking up to the Waterfall, near Tuk Tuk by J_K_H.IMG_7438 by J_K_H.Tombs in Tomok by J_K_H.IMG_7420 by J_K_H.IMG_7417 by J_K_H.Traditional Batak House by J_K_H.IMG_7420 by J_K_H.King's Tomb, Ambarita, Lake Toba by J_K_H.Children at Traditional House, Ambarita, Lake Toba by J_K_H.Stone chairs at Ambarita by J_K_H.IMG_7375 by J_K_H.Ferry Boat, Lake Toba by J_K_H.


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