From: Moshe Feiglin Campaign Headquarters
November 06, 2008. 8 Cheshvan 5769 (Nov. 6) Issue: 6904

For some reason, it is always the Jews who are deeply involved and sometimes responsible for the revolutions in the world. It is the Jews who are inexplicably driven to perfect the world in the name of some cause. If they are not busy perfecting the world for the Kingdom of the One G-d of Israel, then they will throw themselves into the perfection business in the name of communism, liberalism or some other ism. Whenever you peek behind a real revolution, you will discover a Jew – pulling the strings.

Barack Obama’s meteoric rise to power is a revolution. It is difficult to describe this revolution because it has gone to great lengths not to describe itself. Time will tell exactly what revolution we dove into this week. But one thing is for sure – it is a revolution, indeed.

Who are the Jews who got Obama elected?

On the surface, the answer is simple. Obama’s campaign manager – the brains behind the brilliant campaign of the young candidate who has never filled an executive position in his life – belong, of course, to a Jew – David Plouffe. Jews were prominent at every level of the Obama campaign, as well. 

But I do not think that it is the Jews on Obama’s staff who created the revolution. The two Jews who got Obama elected are in completely different places. They are two Prisoners of Zion.

The Jew more responsible than any other person for Obama’s victory is my friend, Natan Sharansky. Sharansky is a man to be admired. His personal biography, captivating personality and uncompromising integrity have won him wide acclaim. If given the choice, Sharansky may not have chosen the path onto which G-d put him, but his image has become synonymous with the small man whose courage broke the Iron Curtain. Whether he intended to or not, Sharansky has become a cultural icon in the U S – a beloved hero. He is the man who defeated America’s challenger – the USSR – and proved that the human spirit can triumph against evil. Sharansky promotes traditional American values – the values that inform the Republicans in general, and Bush in particular.

Bush and Sharansky became close friends. It was easy for Bush to adopt the former Prisoner of Zion’s doctrine as the resounding proof of the wisdom of his world view. Sharansky’s book “The Case for Democracy,” became Bush’s second bible. According to Bush, the book became a permanent fixture on his night table and he referred to it often. Sharansky became a frequent and welcomed guest at the White House. Admirably, this modest man did not publicize the many meetings and personal relationship that he had with the US president.

What does this have to do with Obama? 

Bush seems to have received the inspiration or reinforcement for his ill-advised quest to democratize Iraq from Sharansky. Bush Senior understood that the US could not enforce its values on a Muslim society. He made some serious mistakes in the First Gulf War – but he did not entangle his country in an attempt to create an impossible reality on the basis of an appealing, but patently unrealistic theory. 

There is not and will never be democracy in Arab Muslim society. Democratic and Muslim values are mutually exclusive. America’s embroilment in Iraq is not the result of poor military planning (although that is party of the problem) as the American Right attempted to claim. America’s embroilment in Iraq stems from an unfounded and even childish world view. The mis-attempt to democratize Iraq is the point at which Bush’s presidency began to collapse. Barack Obama’s rise is just the flip side of the large shadow of Bush that hovered over McCain’s campaign.

There is another Jew – a Prisoner of Zion – who also has a hand in Bush’s collapse. When Bush was elected to his second term, I sent him a letter that was personally delivered into his hands. I addressed him as a believing Jew writing to an American of deep faith. I congratulated him on his victory and wrote that I believed that the continued incarceration of Jonathan Pollard – a righteous Jew who acted to save his brethren when they were in danger – would result in a catastrophic term for Bush. 

The Biblical verse “and I will bless those who bless you and those who curse you, I will curse” is a guiding light for many believing Americans. George Bush forgot that verse and placed himself on the side of the cursed.

But there is still a chance to rectify the situation. Jonathan Pollard has been rotting in a US prison more than double the time that Natan Sharansky was imprisoned in the USSR. Pollard’s actions to save his brethren do not go down well with Israeli politics – or with American politics, either. But now that Bush is leaving office, he can be motivated by his conscience instead of by politics, and pardon Pollard. We must do all that we can to put Pollard back on Bush’s agenda. We must also be on the side of the blessed.

By Moshe Feiglin

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