Obama’s half-brother Maliki said that Obama was raised a Muslim.  The Obama campaign was quick to respond that “Senator Obama has never been a Muslim, was not raised as a Muslim, and is a committed Christian.”  Melanie Phillips pointed out the mounting evidence that Obama was “born a Muslim (Islam is patrilineal) and raised a Muslim (so registered in school, acknowledging attending Islamic classes, reported accompanying his step-father to the mosque, and able to recite the Koran in the original
Malik Obama says Israel shouldn’t worry about Barack’s Muslim “connection”
By Israel Insider staff  June 20, 2008
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Malik holds a photo of Obama and him in Muslim dress, reportedly when the two first met in 1985
This article updates and corrects the one previously published on June 13, 2008 with newly uncovered evidence of the audio recording at the center of the controversy.

Apparently the Jerusalem’s Post’s sloppy paraphrase of a radio interview with Barack Obama’s half-brother created the false impression that he had explicitly confirmed the “Muslim background” of the likely Democratic Presidential nominee. The newly uncovered recording presents more ambiguous evidence.

The Jerusalem Post reported on June 12 that “Barack Obama’s half brother Malik said Thursday that if elected his brother will be a good president for the Jewish people, despite his Muslim background. In an interview with Army Radio he expressed a special salutation from the Obamas of Kenya.” The link above is from Google’s cache of the Post, but the article has since been pulled from its live website. Israel Insider had relied on that quote as confirmation that Malik himself had spoken explicitly about Barack’s Muslim background.

ABC News obtained from Israel Army Radio a recording of (only) Malik’s side of the interview, and the unavailability to date of the interviewer’s side of the conversation injects some uncertainty about the references of his answers. Malik says, in response to the interviewer’s question: “I don’t think that‘s in any way going to be something to worry about. I myself am not speaking for him. But we are here, we love people in general. People love us. I myself love people who love me. You know, so, everything’s mutual. I can’t go [sic] in terms of Israel and Kenya and America, and so forth, you know, but based on what else I’ve heard him say and what I know of him as an individual, I don’t think Israel should worry too much, you know, about the connection. Because, I am a Muslim myself, and I don’t think that my being a Muslim has got anything to do with my brother being the President of the United States.”

The context clearly indicates that “the connection” being asked about had something to do with Barack Obama’s relationship to things Muslim — although without hearing the question, it is uncertain what exactly is the connect. Malik answering “because I am a Muslim myself” might imply that Barack, in his mind, is a Muslim too, but on the other hand Malik asserts that “my being a Muslim” did not have “anything to do” with his half-brother being President [sic].” (Presumably Malik meant that their shared heritage would not impact Barack’s actions should he be elected.) The rambling and genial answers do not prove, nor disprove, the depth of the Obamas’ connections, past or present, with Islam — except of course the undenied fact that their common father was a Muslim convert. (By the laws of Islam that makes Barack Obama a Muslim.)

Jake Tapper, ABC News senior national correspondent, commenting on the recording in his blog, observes that “nowhere in there does Malik expressly say anything about Obama having a Muslim background. And nowhere does he ‘confirm’ anything about Obama having a Muslim background. Malik refers to Obama having a ‘connection’ to something, perhaps Islam, which could clearly be a reference to Obama’s father.”

The Obama brothers’ father, a senior economist for the Kenyan government who studied at Harvard University, died in car crash in 1982. He left six sons and a daughter. All of his children – except Malik — live in Britain or the United States. Malik and Barack met in 1985 in the US. “He was best man at my wedding and I was best man at his,” said Malik in a 2004 interview with an AP reporter. Their paternal grandfather, Onyango Hussein Obama, was one of the first Muslim converts in Nyangoma-Kogelo, Malik said.”

In a denial issued last November that still stands on the official campaign website, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs issued a statement explaining that “Senator Obama has never been a Muslim, was not raised as a Muslim, and is a committed Christian.”

Melanie Phillips is the most recent commentator to draw attention to the massive body of evidence that leaves no doubt that Barak Hussein Obama was born a Muslim (Islam is patrilineal) and raised a Muslim (so registered in school, acknowledging attending Islamic classes, reported accompanying his step-father to the mosque, and able to recite the Koran in the original Arabic).

Reuven Koret, Aaron Klein and Daniel Pipes have previously pointed to the attempts by Obama and his campaign to conceal the candidate’s Muslim background. The well documented evidence draws upon the on-the-ground interviews by researchers in Indonesia and Kenya, published quotations of Obama’s childhood friends and his school records, as well as the candidate’s own autobiography.

Barack Hussein Obama

Barack and Malik Obama, circa 1985 (when the former was about 24)

Obama takes on the Great Global Blogosphere Conspiracy Against His Holiness
By Melanie Phillips   June 13, 2008

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Today’s Guardian reports that Barack Obama is setting up an entire unit to combat “virulent rumours” about him on the internet. Doubtless one of the blogs in the sights of team Obama is Little Green Footballs, which in the last few days has been excavating examples of wildly anti-Jewish and anti-American prejudice and conspiracy theories posted up by fans on Obama’s own website. LGF is making hay with the fact that the Obamanables are belatedly taking (some of) this stuff down from the site while simultaneously insisting that its presence is nothing to do with them because the website has no moderators. Yeah, right.
The Guardian quotes the director of some monitoring outfit as saying that the blogosphere’s smears about Obama are particularly vicious.

He added that one of the most persistent is that Obama, a Christian, is “some kind of Muslim Manchurian candidate, planted by Islamic fundamentalists to betray the country and it is very widespread”.

Well now. Crazed Jew-hating American-loathing moonbats posting comments on Obama’s website are one thing. But the fact is that there are serious and troubling questions about Obama’s ancestry and associations and what he himself has said about them, which have surfaced in the blogosphere but have been almost wholly ignored by the mainstream media in its collective Obamanic swoon.
First is his childhood background. Last November, his campaign website carried a statement with the headline:

Barack Obama Is Not and Has Never Been a Muslim

followed by

Obama never prayed in a mosque. He has never been a Muslim, was not raised a Muslim, and is a committed Christian.

Obama has also said:

I’ve always been a Christian


I’ve never practised Islam.

But none of this is true. As is explored in detail on Daniel Pipes‘s website, Obama was enrolled at his primary schools in Indonesia as a Muslim; he attended the mosque during that period; his friends from that time testify that he was a devout Muslim boy. A former teacher at one of these schools, Tine Hahiyary, remembers a young Obama who was quite religious and actively took part in “mengaji” classes which teach how to read the Koran in Arabic. The blogger from Indonesia who reported this commented:

“Mengagi” is a word and a term that is accorded the highest value and status in the mindset of fundamentalist societies here in Southeast Asia. To put it quite simply, “mengaji classes” are not something that a non practicing or so-called moderate Muslim family would ever send their child to… The fact that Obama had attended mengaji classes is well known in Indonesia and has left many there wondering just when Obama is going to come out of the closet.

His father was a Muslim, as was his stepfather. His grandfather was a Muslim convert. His wider family appear to have been largely devout Muslims. Yes, we only know about Obama?s early years as a Muslim; and yes, twenty years ago he became a Christian. The issue, however, is why he has been less than candid about his early background and his family. Indeed, he appears to have actively deceived the public about it. That is why the blogosphere is so exercised about it.
Now here’s another curious thing. Much has been made of his membership of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago whose former pastor and his long-standing mentor, Jeremiah Wright, Obama was forced finally to renounce on account of his obnoxious views (although he has signally failed unequivocally to denounce those views themselves and the no less obnoxious philosophy of the Trinity United black power church). But according to a passing reference in a profile in The New Republic last year, Pastor Wright was himself a Muslim convert to Christianity. He seems to have moved from being a Muslim black power fanatic to a Christian black power fanatic — which might go some way to explaining his close affinity to the Muslim black power ideologue Louis Farrakhan.
Then there is also Obama’s troubling support for the Kenyan opposition leader — and his cousin — Raila Odinga, the leader of the violent uprising a few months ago against the newly elected Kenyan government and who signed a memorandum of understanding with Kenyan Muslims to turn Kenya into an Islamic state governed by sharia law. At the time, the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya released a statement in which church leaders said Odinga

comes across as a presumptive Muslim president bent on forcing Islamic law, religion and culture down the throats of the Kenyan people in total disregard of the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of freedom of worship and equal protection of the law for all Kenyans.

As the Atlas Shrugs site reported, Obama actually went to Kenya in 2006 and spoke at rallies in support of Odinga, causing the Kenyan government to denounce him as “Raila’s stooge”. Why was Obama supporting such a person? Why has no-one bothered to find out?
Daniel Pipes makes another highly significant point about Obama’s Muslim background. He points out that, in the eyes of the Muslim world, Obama remains a Muslim regardless of what religion he now professes because he was born to a Muslim father. By his own admission (of Christianity) therefore, he is a Muslim apostate — a status regarded by the Muslim world as a sin to be punished by death. Pipes thinks this would put his life in danger and undermine his initiatives towards the Muslim world. But surely the more significant point is that much of that Muslim world has actually embraced him. Indeed the Muslim Brothers of Hamas — who most certainly would regard any Muslim apostate as someone to be eliminated — actually came out publicly in support of him (until Obama blotted his copybook by professing undying support for Israel).
We are entitled therefore to ask whether the Muslim world supports him because it believes he is still a Muslim. We are entitled to ask precisely when he stopped being a Muslim, and why. Did Obama embrace Christianity as a tactical manoeuvre to get himself elected? Why indeed has he dissembled about his family background if not for that end?
These multiple known deceptions by someone who may become President of the United States are deeply alarming. The concealment is the issue. To dismiss such concerns and the related questions they provoke as a smear campaign is to attempt to browbeat into silence those who legitimately raise them and require urgent answers as a matter of the most acute public interest.

Views expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect those of israelinsider.

‘Baruch’ Obama woos Jews, denies he was Muslim, downplays Khalidi ties
By Israel Insider staff  May 23, 2008
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Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Thursday promised an audience in a Jewish synagogue an “unshakable commitment” to Israel if he is elected. Obama also asked the crowd not be put off by his “funny name” and said that it was equivalent to the Hebrew “Baruch.” He denied that he was raised as a Muslim, brushing aside his many anti-Israel friends:

“There is not a single trace of me ever being anything more than a friend of Israel and a friend of the Jewish people,” Obama said, warning the crowd not to believe fliers and e-mails that suggested otherwise. “Judge me by what I say and what I’ve done. Don’t judge me because I’ve got a funny name. Don’t judge me because I’m African-American.”

Critics have pointed to his deep connections with anti-Israel activists, published evidence that he has a largely Muslim family and a Muslim upbringing, and have criticized his relationship with his anti-Jewish and anti-Israel pastor Jeremiah Wright.

“If you get one of these e-mails that says I’m a Muslim: not true. Never been a Muslim,” he said. “Don’t judge me by my name,” he asked the audience.

The questions from the B’nai Torah Congregation in Boca Raton touched on Obama’s policy proposals and his personal life. When asked about his Muslim name, Obama said it had the same roots as “Baruch” and meant “one who’s blessed.” Some in the audience wore buttons that spelled out Baruch Obama in hebrew letters.

“Israel has many friendships, but none is deeper than the bond between Israel and the United States of America,” Obama said, drawing applause from a packed auditorium at the B’nai Torah Congregation in Boca Raton. “A broad majority of Americans understand this special relationship, and when I am in the White House, I will bring an unshakable commitment to maintaining that bond.”

One questioner, Michael Ackerman, began his query by listing people linked to Obama who had been hostile to Israel, including a professor of Arab studies at Columbia University, Rashid Khalidi. asking the senator to name close friends who were Jewish and pro-Israel. “I hesitate to start listing them out,” Obama said, saying it made recall the old stereotype in which people say, “I’m not prejudiced. Some of my best friends are Jewish.”

But he went on to mention a top finance official in his campaign, Penny Pritzker, and an executive board member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Lee Rosenberg.

Then Obama got himself into hot water, against suppressing the full truth and ignoring well-documented facts: “You mentioned Rashid Khalidi, who’s a professor at Columbia. I do know him, because I taught at the University of Chicago. And he is Palestinian. And I do know him, and I have had conversations. He is not one of my advisers; he’s not one of my foreign policy people. His kids went to the Lab school where my kids go as well. He is a respected scholar, although he vehemently disagrees with a lot of Israel’s policy.”

Obama went on: “To pluck out one person who I know and who I’ve had a conversation with who has very different views than 900 of my friends and then to suggest that somehow that shows that maybe I’m not sufficiently pro-Israel, I think, is a very problematic stand to take,” he said. “So we gotta be careful about guilt by association.”

That last remark, the New York Sun reported, drew a loud ovation.

But Aaron Klein, the Jerusalem bureau chief of World Net Daily, points out that Obama’s association with Khalidi, go far, far beyond a “conversation.” Khalidi’s deep personal ties to Obama were first exposed by WND in February in a widely cited article. According to a professor at the University of Chicago who said he has known Obama for 12 years, the Democratic presidential hopeful befriended Khalidi when the two worked together at the university, that the two families dined together a number of times, and that the Obamas even babysat the Khalidi children. Khalidi in 2000 held a successful fundraiser for Obama’s failed bid for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives and an anti-Israel Arab group, the Arab American Action Network — AAAN — run by Khalidi’s wife, Mona, received subtantial funding — $75,000 over two years — from a Chicago nonprofit, the Woods Fund, for which Obama served as a paid board member in both years. What a coincidence.

Speakers at the AAAN dinners and events routinely have taken an anti-Israel line.
The group co-sponsored a Palestinian art exhibit, titled, “The Subject of Palestine,” that featured works related to what some Palestinians call the “Nakba” or “catastrophe” of Israel’s founding in 1948. When Khalidi departed the University of Chicago in 2003, Obama delivered a testimonial at a farewell ceremony reminiscing about conversations over meals prepared by Mona Khalidi, crediting his talks with the Khalidis for serving as “consistent reminders to me of my own blind spots and my own biases…. It’s for that reason that I’m hoping that, for many years to come, we continue that conversation — a conversation that is necessary not just around Mona and Rashid’s dinner table,” but around “this entire world.”

Just last week, as WND noted, and Israel Insider developed, Obama termed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a “constant sore” in an interview just five days after Khalidi wrote an opinion piece in the Nation magazine in which he called the “Palestinian question” a “running sore.” So the influence of Khalidi on Obama clearly goes beyond a casual friendship or a “conversation” — or, perhaps, the “conversation” is a code word for Obama’s intention to take the Khalidi perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to “this entire world.”

But that world was not the world of the Boca Raton synagogue, where the candidate for president positioned himself as Israel’s tough-lovin’ best friend.

A questioner also asked him about his willingness to meet and talk with radical enemies of the United States and Israel, like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Obama, while critical of Iran’s president, said direct diplomacy with Iran would be more effective in advancing U.S. and Israeli interests than a lack of engagement. Not everyone agreed.

“I think that our commander in chief should not propose talks with someone who calls for the destruction of Israel,” Stephen Lippy, 51, told Reuters.

“How is it that the Bush-Cheney-McCain policy has been good for Israel?” Obama rhetorically asked. In response, McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds said Obama’s proposals are “naive and weak leadership,” explaining that “It’s weak judgment for Barack Obama to believe that an unconditional summit with Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would not strengthen the worst elements in Iran, embolden the tyrant’s standing in the region and put the world’s security at risk,” Bounds said in an e-mail.

Some at the synagogue said they were concerned about Obama’s support for the Jewish state before his visit but came away satisfied. “I think today convinced me,” said Aaron Levitt, 32, a rabbi and Democrat. “I feel like he made it very clear that Israel’s at the center of his Middle East policy and would be a very important ally in his presidency.”

Shirley Kann, a retiree from Boynton Beach, said Obama has a lot a long way to go to convince Jewish voters. “I don’t see it. These are my friends who aren’t too smart,” she said.

Obama, who would be the nation’s first half-black president, addressed the issue of race directly, saying he was concerned that a historic connection between African Americans and Jewish Americans had faltered. “I want to make sure that I am one of the vehicles by which we can rebuild those bonds,” he said.

A sample of audience members said race would not affect their votes, while admitting it could be an issue for some. “I think that people don’t realize it, but I do think it’s there,” said Obama supporter Barbara Schneider, 55.

“As a Jew, would I vote for a black person? Sure,” said Lippy. “But … my issue is will he be the best commander in chief when it comes to assisting Israel and our other Western democratic allies”.


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