I did remember very well inded about this good looking man.when I met him in jakarta not long ago.took me for weeks to get to know him deeper when I sent all my energy and money to call him direct from australia.just to get to know more than the good looking face.He is one of the Batak who loved the best of the worst of batak people. he lost and regretted why did we batak have to learn our batak from Hawai university just because we lost Our own batak language heritage? seems have taken all by national Bahasa indonesia.its regretable why batak donot have love to preserve it? thats because Batak lack of attention and dedication from early generation.Blame it all on the old stupid folks in sumatra.
Any way lets enjoy his works IF ANY ONE WOULD LIKE TO call him personally.please do…roysianipar



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  1. OUT STANDING ONE OF THE BATAK Sianipar CLANS/Marga “Charlie M sianipar” « my radical judgement by roysianipar said,

    […] (C) Charlie M. Sianipar READ MORE roysianipar @ 1:03 am [filed under […]

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