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Bali bombers executed

November 09, 2008 09:11am

THREE Bali bombers have been executed by firing squad on their prison island in Indonesia.

THE three Bali bombers have been executed by firing squad on an island off Central Java, six years after their crimes brought death and destruction to hundreds.

Early this morning Indonesian Attorney-General’s spokesman Jasman Panjaitan said the three men were shot dead at 12.15am.
“Today at 0015 the defendants under the name Amrozi, Imam Samudra and Mukhlas have been executed,” Mr Panjaitan said.

“The three bodies have been autopsied and pronounced dead and right now they are being washed by the family,” he said.

Soon after the brother of two of the men was seen entering the prison where he will wash and shroud the bodies in white cloth before they are flown later today to their home villages for burial.

Mohammad Chozin, the brother of Amrozi and Mukhlas said another brother was currently at the prison looking after the bodies of their siblings.

“Collected by angels”

“Our brothers have been picked up by angels,” Mr Chozin said from the family’s home village in East Java.

It was reported the three men shouted “Allah Akbar” or “God is Great” as they were taken from their isolation cells and driven to the execution site 30 minutes away and that they were shot dead around midnight by simultaneous firing squads.

The source said heavy rain in the lead up to the executions had made the road to the death site slippery and wet and it had taken much longer than expected to reach the area.

He said the men were hooded soon after they were taken out of the prison and put in trucks for the drive.

Executions welcomed

Relatives and friends of their victims welcomed the news that finally the smiling assassin Amrozi, his leering brother Mukhlas and the fiery Imam Samudra had been shot dead by Indonesian firing squads.

They had perpetrated the worst terrorist atrocity on Australians in history when their twin suicide bombings killed 200 innocent people in Bali, including 88 Australians. Two suicide bombers also died.

Their own ends came after a massive monsoonal storm and downpour dumped buckets of rain on the region, along with large cracks of thunder and lightning.

At the time the firing squads were sending 5.5mm bullets through their hearts the moon, previously shrouded in cloud, started to appear.

For days now their executions were said to be imminent, amid reports of delays and technical hitches.

But finally the Bali bombers, who had earned repudiation and condemnation and who had never once showed any remorse, were dead. It was the news many had waited six painful years to hear.

No farewell visit

Ali Fauzi, the brother of Amrozi and Mukhlas, was denied a final visit with his siblings but was allowed to supervise washing and wrapping of the bodies ready for transport back to their home village in East Java.

The family wanted to ensure the process complied with Islamic Sharia law.

Tied to posts five metres apart, with hoods over their heads they died together.

After 10 minutes a doctor checked to pronounce death and the bodies were taken away for an autopsy at a jail health clinic on the island which lasted for several hours.

One of their last wishes was that their bodies not be washed and shrouded by Government officials and that the white cloth used to wrap their bodies be supplied by their families from halal or Islamically correct sources.

The family said the money to buy the cloths came from their peanut growing business.

Burial processions planned

The bodies are now due to be flown to their home villages early this morning by police helicopter. Burial processions have been planned.

Amrozi bin Nurhasyim, 46, his older brother Mukhlas aka Ali Ghufron, 48 and Imam Samudra, aka Abdul Aziz, 38 – convicted in 2003 of the Bali bombings and sentenced to death – had been put to death by three firing squads.

The shots which entered their hearts and ended their days were fired simultaneously at all three by firing squads.

It ended years of speculation as to whether Indonesia had the mettle to carry out the sentences on home grown terrorists and risk a potential backlash from Islamic hardliners and Islamic parties, particularly with a parliamentary election looming in the early part of next year.

Police on high alert

Security forces are now on high alert in Bali, Jakarta and in the home villages of the three men in the wake of the executions as the potential for violence from their radical supporters loomed large.

The village of Amrozi and Mukhlas is Tenggulun in East Java whilst Imam Samudra is from Serang in West Java.

The trio had vowed their supporters would avenge their deaths and had called on them to kill everyone involved in their executions, from the Indonesian President down.

Travel warning

The Australian Government has re-issued its travel advice warning against travel to Bali as school leavers prepared to descend on the holiday destination.

The three men were the chief planners and orchestrators of the 2002 suicide bombings of the Sari Club and Paddys Bar in Kuta’s tourist strip on October 12, 2002.

The massive bombings killed 200 innocent victims and two suicide bombers.

Among the dead were 88 Australians, many Indonesians and citizens from various nations – holidaymakers enjoying a good time and locals working to make a living – going about their lives without a care in the world.
Grinning killer
Amrozi, the smiling assassin, so-called because of his stupid grin from the day of his arrest until the day of his death, was a logistics man in the operation.

He purchased the materials to make the bomb and the L300 van which was turned into a massive carbomb and drove it from Java to Bali.

He was back home in the family’s village of Tenggulun, in East Java, when the bombs went off and later told of rejoicing.

The former village mechanic readily admitted his role in the bombing and in other bombing campaigns in Indonesia, including of churches on Christmas Eve 2000.

In May this year he remarried his first wife in a long-distance ceremony and remains married to his second wife.

Bombing mastermind

His older and revered brother Mukhlas was the overall chief and mastermind of the Bali operation – he was there for all the planning meetings, arranging the plot and motivating the suicide bombers.

Earlier in 2002 he was made a leader of the Malaysian and Singaporean cell or Mantiqi of Jeemah Islamiyah however he has always denied this.

A learned Islamic teacher and a veteran of the Afghanistan war where he claims to have met Osama Bin Laden, Mukhlas, could recite the Koran from memory.

A father of six, Mukhlas’s youngest son Usumah is named after Bin Laden.

Mukhlas too took a second wife recently.

Having originally confessed to his leading role in the Bali plot, he then withdrew his confessions in court, claiming he was tortured into making them.

He also recently took a second wife.

Field commander

Imam Samudra was born Abdul Aziz in West Java and changed his name after leaving school. He too was an Afghan veteran where he learned to hate the west with a fiery vengeance.

He was the field commander in Bali.

He recruited suicide bombers and told the court that he had surveyed the bomb sites in Bali and seen westerners there engaging in what he said was disgusting and degrading behaviour, drunk and half-clothed.

He said the sight of it made him sick and angry and heightened his resolve to take revenge for westerners soiling Indonesia.

He later created a website taking responsibility for the bombings and has never once said he had any regrets, except that fellow Muslims were killed in the attacks.
The three men had long revelled in and gloated about the carnage they caused that night, claiming westerners deserved their fate because of the way had treated Islam.

They refused to accept that their victims were innocent civilians, that it wasn’t a war zone and that Islam forbade such Jihad against innocents.

The bombings marked a turning point in Australia’s relationship with Indonesia and Indonesia was forced to accept that it had terrorists born and bred at home.

Since then a crack anti-terror squad known as Detachment 88 has arrested more than 200 terrorists who have been jailed.
THE three Bali bombers — Amrozi, Samudra and Mukhlas — have been executed by firing squad on an island off Central Java, six years after their heinous crimes killed 88 Australians.

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There were 114 other people killed in the bombings.

Posted by: Dan of Hobart 6:27pm Sunday
katie obvioulsy you had no one murdered by these scum of the earth

Posted by: mr tas of hobart 5:45pm Sunday
a bullet was way to good for them … good riddance to them all i hope they rot in hell …and the rest of the supporters to.

Posted by: Dave Latham of brighton 5:22pm Sunday
I am so glad these indoctrinate simpletons are incapable of doing it again.

Posted by: pedro of darwin 5:15pm Sunday
Chris of Jakarta, You have missed the point !!!Any “religion” that promotes war (jihad) and hatred against others not of their belief (infidels), in particular in the case of the Bali bombing, killing and maiming innocent bystanders and makes martyrs of their “religious fighters” is not a religion but a zealot’s excuse for righteousness. I and many others have no sympathy for the 3 of the 4 bombers executed (it should have included Abu Bakar Bashir as well) and has gained them more attention than they truly deserve !!!Hell, Hades or whatever you call it is the deserved justice for the actions of these twisted evil souls………..

Posted by: Andrew of Proudly Australian 4:59pm Sunday
The circus is finally over but the main event goes on. I’m alarmed how their government has allowed these clowns to play a leading role.

Posted by: Fred 3:48pm Sunday
Now, get their faces out of the media.

Posted by: Sos of Sandy Bay 2:29pm Sunday
I don’t care what they’ve done, I still don’t agree with the death penalty

Posted by: Katie of melb 12:43pm Sunday
These killers do not deserve any special treatment post death. Their names will never be said by us again and they will disappear into irrelevance. They were cowards, not heroes, and brought shame on their faith by killing innocent people in the name of their religion.I condemn them to the Muslim version of Hell forever for their evil deeds.Let us respect each other, recognize our differences and value our common humanity and have peace throughout the world.

Posted by: Proud Australian of Tasmania 12:16pm Sunday
Thank goodness it is finally done!! It is very sad that a group of people can hold the world at their attention for so long, they had 6 years more than they gave to any of their victims. They also got to follow their “religious” believes when our 88 Australians killed in Bali had no such chance. They Said “Allah Akbar”, in my eyes (as in many Australians & world wide others I believe) their god is not “great” but damned cruel to allow then to do this. May all the tortured souls that they killed in 2002 rejoice with all the Angels & trumpet their happiness.

Posted by: Tazziedolphin of Rokeby 11:23am Sunday
Executed … the Bali bombers – Amrozi Nurhasyim, Imam Samudra and Ali Ghufron (Mukhlas) – died today after facing a firing squad. / No Source 

HUNDREDS of emotional supporters of the Bali bombers have clashed with police in Tenggulun today as the bodies of two of them arrived at their home village.

Heavily armed police could not control the 500-strong crowd which surged around the ambulances carrying the bodies following their execution overnight.

Clashes broke out and the police were driven off the road amid shouts of “Jihad!” and “Get out!”

There were similar scenes in the west Java town of Serang as Imam Samudra’s body was paraded through the streets between his local mosque and graveyard, shrouded in a black cloth bearing a Koranic inscription in Arabic.

Members of a radical group headed by hardline cleric Abu Bakar Bashir, the co-founder of Jemaah Islamiah, who was jailed on a conspiracy charge related to the bombings before being released, pushed people aside to make way for the body.

Westerners in both villages were verbally abused as “infidels” and told to leave.

The three Bali bombers were executed on an Indonesian island earlier  today for their lead roles in the 2002 nightclub bombings that killed 202 people, including 88 Australians.

Earlier, the family of Mukhlas and his younger brother Amrozi said the bombers had been executed along with Imam Samudra just after midnight local time (4am AEDT) on Nusakambangan Island, in Central Java, where they had been jailed.

“Our family has received news of the execution … May our brothers, God willing, be invited by green birds to heaven now,” Mohammad Chozin, a brother of Mukhlas and Amrozi, said in Tenggulun.

“We’re now handling the preparations to bring the bodies back, which may take two hours,” he said outside an Islamic boarding school in the east Java village, as supporters shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is greater).

Indonesia’s Attorney General’s Office this morning confirmed the executions had taken place.

“At 12.15am, the convicts … were executed by shooting and followed up with an autopsy,” spokesman Jasman Pandjaitan said.

“They have been stated as dead. At this moment the bodies are being washed by the family.”

Attorney General Hendarman Supanji is due to hold a press conference in Jakarta at 11am local time (3pm AEDT).


 Timeline: From the bombings to the executions
 Tears: Relief for survivors at Bali executions
 Warnings: Latest travel advice on Indonesia
 Tourists: Register your travel plans with DFAT
 Reaction: Indonesian coverage from The Jakarta Post

The bombers were simultaneously shot through the heart by crack Indonesian troops assembled to carry out the task.

They were executed in an orchard some 6km from their prison on Nusakambangan Island, Indonesia’s TV One reported.

A source at the prison said they shouted “Allahu Akbar” as they were escorted out of their isolation cells by paramilitary police shortly before their executions.

Australians expressed relief that the men were finally dead, six years after they brought carnage to Bali by sending suicide bombers to attack the Sari Club and nearby Paddy’s Bar on October 12, 2002.

“… we’ve waited a very long time for this and this is our justice,” Sydney woman Maria Kotronakis, who lost two sisters and two cousins, told CNN, struggling at times to speak.

“Finally the moment has come … we are over the moon.”

Survivor Peter Hughes, of Perth, who suffered horrific burns in the bombings, said the three militants had paid the highest price for mass murder, but their executions did not bring him any joy.

“These guys went to set about mass murder and paid the highest penalty,” he told CNN.

“It doesn’t feel good but they did do the crime and they’ve paid for it.”

The bombers’ bodies will soon be flown by helicopter to their home villages for burial within 24 hours, in accordance with Muslim custom.

In Tenggulun, sobbing mourners are converging on the home of Amrozi and Mukhlas’ mother.

Hardline cleric Abu Bakar Bashir – the co-founder of Jemaah Islamiah, the group blamed for the Bali bombings – praised the bombers as “holy warriors” during a visit to the village on Saturday.

Security forces are on high alert across the mainly Muslim country, after the bombers urged supporters to carry out revenge attacks if their executions went ahead.

Australian authorities have advised Australians to reconsider the need to travel to Indonesia.

The 2002 Bali attacks were the bloodiest in a sustained period of al-Qaeda-inspired jihadist violence in the world’s most populous Muslim country.

With AFP

Bali bomb burials stoke tensions 
There are fears the bombers’ executions could spark reprisal attacks
Indonesian security forces are on high alert after the state execution of three Islamic militants for the 2002 Bali bombings that killed 202 people.

There were reports of clashes as hundreds of supporters attended burials in the men’s home villages in Java.

Imam Samudra, Amrozi Nurhasyim and Ali Ghufron (Mukhlas) were killed by firing squad at 0015 (1715 GMT on Saturday).

They were found guilty of planning twin attacks on nightclubs at the resort of Kuta, popular with Western tourists.

Security forces are on alert across the country amid fears of reprisal attacks.

Australia, which lost 88 of its citizens in the attacks, has issued a warning against travel to the country. Britain and the US have done likewise.

‘Welcome martyrs’

The BBC’s Lucy Williamson, in Cilacap, near the prison, says the executions took place in darkness surrounded by forest and a handful of witnesses.

Risk of making martyrs
Relief and emptiness
In pictures: Executions marked
UK Relatives regret Bali executions

Prison officials, who said an autopsy had been carried out, and Haji Chozin, the brother of Amrozi and Mukhlas, confirmed the deaths.

After being washed by their families, the bodies of Mukhlas and Amrozi were flown by helicopter to their home village of Tenggulan in East Java for burial.

Samudra’s body was flown to Serang in West Java.

Members of radical groups gathered, along with onlookers, in both villages to meet the bodies as they arrived.

A banner saying “welcome martyrs” was on display at the cemetery where the brothers were to be buried, reported Reuters.

There were also reports of clashes in Tenggulan between hundreds of police and supporters who had surged towards the ambulances carrying the bodies.

Foreign journalists were verbally abused as “infidels”.

Continued threat

But the deaths will not evoke much sympathy in Indonesia, where most people supported the sentence and believed the executions should have been carried out much sooner, our correspondent says.

Officials had said the three would be shot in early November but no date had been announced in advance.

high amid Bali burials
Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said it was “not a day that fills us with any joy or with any celebration” and that his thoughts were with the victims’ families.

He warned that Australia continued to receive “credible information that terrorists may be planning attacks in Indonesia”.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said hundreds of lives had been “fundamentally changed by that murder, so it is those lives we think about today”.

Victims and family members have also responded to the news.

“They had to pay the ultimate price for what they did,” said Peter Hughes, who suffered severe burns in the attacks. “These guys set about mass murder.”

Wayan Rasmi, a Balinese woman whose husband’s body was never found following the attacks, said the executions would let her put the past behind her.

“I hope there will not be any revenge from their families and supporters,” she said.

Reprisal fears

The bombings were blamed on the militant group Jemaah Islamiah, widely regarded as a regional affiliate of the al-Qaeda network, but several key suspects have never been caught.

Paddy’s Bar and Sari Club in the resort of Kuta targeted
202 killed from 21 countries, including 88 Australians, 38 Indonesians and 28 Britons
Severe damage within a 100m (150-yard) radius of the bombs
Militant group Jemaah Islamiah blamed for the bombings

The Bali bombing plotters
The Bali bombing plot
Timeline: Bali bomb trials

None of the executed men had ever expressed remorse for the attacks, only saying they regretted that Muslims had been killed.

They also said they were keen to be “martyrs” for their dream of creating a South-east Asian caliphate.

However, they made several appeals for leniency and also filed an unsuccessful appeal to be executed by beheading rather that face a firing squad.

They said beheading was a more humane and Islamic form of execution and that being shot amounted to torture.

Correspondents say that while executing the men has sent a strong message, it could also put the country’s hard-won security at risk if it inspires other extremists to carry out similar acts.

What is your reaction to the executions? Were you affected by the Bali bombings? Send us your comments and experiences using the form below.

In most cases a selection of your comments will be published, displaying your name and location unless you state otherwise in the box below.


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