the latest tracked by roysianipar “billion dollar hit list in indonesia.

all the people hit list:

Indonesia Vice President, Jusuf Kalla, according to Forbes is one of the 40 Indonesian richest. Here are all the names:
Aburizal Bakrie & family,Sukanto Tanoto,R. Budi Hartono,Michael Hartono,Eka Tjipta Widjaja & family,Putera Sampoerna & family,Martua Sitorus,Rachman Halim & family,Peter Sondakh,Eddy William Katuari & family,Anthoni Salim & family,
Mochtar Riady & family,Murdaya Poo,Arifin Panigoro & family,Hary Tanoesoedibjo,Trihatma Haliman,Sjamsul Nursalim & family,Chairul Tanjung,Paulus Tumewu,Prajogo Pangestu,Soegiharto Sosrodjojo & family,Sutanto Djuhar & family,
Hadi Surya,Aksa Mahmud,Harjo Sutanto & family,Soegiarto Adikoesoemo & family,Husein Djojonegoro & family,
Kartini Muljadi,Edwin Soeryadjaya,Jusuf Kalla,Tan Kian,Ciputra,Bambang Trihatmodjo,George & Sjakon Tahija,Kris Wiluan,Eka Tjandranegara & family,Alim Markus & family,Husein Sutjiadi,Jakob Oetama,Boenjamin Setiawan

Who is the really richest man in Indonesia?

About: I was born on July, 16th of 1979, after graduate from senior high school on 1996, I was continued my study at University of Persada Indonesia YAI (Jakarta) on 2002, majoring in Bachelor of Accounting and then continue my study in the same institution, success to get Master of Management especially Finance Management on 2005, after finish my first master degree in management, I’ve got the second Master of Law at University of Indonesia (Jakarta), especially in Economics Law on 2007 by office‘s scholarship. Since graduate from senior high school, I have been working at PT Sanwell Austindo – Jakarta (, my last position as a Finance Manager, and then start on May 2007 I have been moving as a Marketing Manager. Besides of that until now I am still responsible as an Internal Control Manager at PT Austindo Perdana – Bali (austindo group). I am very interest with writing world, and have been contributed my opinion by some media, like’s science journal, articles, blogs and in my personal website too. ( Authors Posts (178) • April 21st, 2008

The world’s billionaires and which Indonesians are among them. Indonesian citizens who made it onto the Forbes’ “The World’s Billionaires” list, out of a total of 1125 people in the worldwide.  

Sukanto Tanoto (aged 58), originally from Medan in North Sumatra, and owner of the holding company PT Raja Garuda Mas International (RGM International), leads the Indonesian rankings. Now, he lives in Singapore with net worth US$ 3.8 billion. 

Second position is Michael Hartono (aged 68) with net worth of US$2.0 billion, lives in Indonesia and the third posisition is R. Budi Hartono (aged 67) with net worth US$2.0 billion (owner of Djarum and BCA), lives in Indonesia. Fourth posisition is Martua Sitorus (aged 48) with net worth US$1.9 billion (owner of Wilmar International), lives in Singapore and the fifth position is Peter Sondakh (aged 56) with net worth US$1.2 billion (owner of Rajawali Group), lives in Indonesia ( 

Aburizal Bakrie (owner of Bakrie Group), who only three months ago was named by Forbes Asia as Indonesia’s richest man, inexplicably didn’t make the cut for this list, and nor did Eka Tjipta Widjaja (owner of Sinar Mas Group), and Putera Sampoerna (owner of Sampoerna Strategic).


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  1. roysianipar said,

    Good luck indonesian especially batak people .please go and chase your dream to be billion dollar hit list for next generation. But remember….the most poorest people are dying for your hunger and greed. is it to hot to handle ?……………………………………..answer is no.

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