the secret where is taboo to the uneductaed batak people.strickly only for the batak/javanese conservative group

Video clips 1 about ZINC N LEAD MINING IN DAIRI BATAK SUMATRA/INDONESIA.if you people can see all the deposit already filling up the stock.waiting for the right price to china .or Korea/japan,where all the little industry still if you all good enough to see the map its far away from paronggil or sidikkalang town.its between tele or galingging village.near by tele pusuk buhit.


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  1. from to Day I will be publishing the new MUSICAL Page about making video clips with roy_sianipar music production « my radical judgement by roysianipar said,

    […] bad to know where is the secret lies about Dairi pakpak black Batak treausure gold hereis the link. read more or watch the video clips from Roysianipar roysianipar @ 3:18 pm [filed under Uncategorized tagged batak, INDIA, INDONESIA, inviroment, […]

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