The world’s billionaires, and which Indonesians are among them.


Indonesian citizens who made it onto the Forbes’ “The World’s Billionaires” list, out of a total of 1125 people worldwide: [1]

Sukanto Tanoto
Sukanto Tanoto.

Sukanto Tanoto (Chinese name – Chen Jianghe), originally from Medan in North Sumatra, and owner of the holding company PT Raja Garuda Mas International (RGM International), leads the Indonesian rankings, as almost always:

  • 284th richest – Sukanto Tanoto, aged 58, net worth $3.8 billion, lives in Singapore.
  • 605th richest – Michael Hartono, aged 68, net worth of $2.0 billion, lives in Indonesia.
  • 605th richest – R Budi Hartono, aged 67, net worth $2.0 billion, lives in Indonesia.
  • 652nd richest – Martua Sitorus, aged 48, net worth of $1.9 billion, lives in Singapore.
  • 962nd richest – Peter Sondakh, aged 56, net worth of $1.2 billion, lives in Indonesia.

Aburizal Bakrie, who only three months ago was named by Forbes Asia as Indonesia’s richest man, inexplicably didn’t make the cut for this list, and nor did Eka Tjipta Widjaja (Sinar Mas Group), and Putera Sampoerna (Sampoerna Strategic), both of whom were listed as being richer than Martua Sitorus on that previous list.


Purba Negoro Says:
March 23rd, 2008 at 4:28 am

Atypical ex-Fujian, ex Canton Chinese economic parasites who flee with their ill-gotten money at the drop of a pribumi hat.
PKSP and BLBI shall hopefully return their plunder to its’ rightful owners.

The major difference between Suharto Inc and the Generals is that they reinvested his money into Indonesia. The Chinese fled like bank robbers. Actually that’s exactly what they are.

7 out of 7 Most Wanted Criminals are Ethnic Chinese
Eddy Tanzil
Bambang Sutrisno
Andrian Kiki Ariawan Now apparently living in Singapore .
Samadikun Hartono
Sudjiono Timan: in Singapore.
Maria Pauline Lumowa: Fled to Singapore before trial.
Irawan Salim: Canada or Europe

Yellow bellied South Chinese peasants they remain.

  • bree Says:
    April 7th, 2008 at 3:33 pm Don’t bring racial issue, why would you even care? Criminals are criminals regardless their race.
  • GJ Says:
    April 17th, 2008 at 4:05 pm So criminals that stay put are acceptable……………unusual concept!!!!
  • Intelon Says:
    May 27th, 2008 at 5:15 pm Wow Purba Negoro, you are really really racist. No doubt about that.
    Are you one of those culprit who murder and rape the Chinese?
    Yea, you don’t have to answer that.
    Let’s put your words in the right perspective….

    “7 out of 7 Most Wanted Criminals are Ethnic Chinese”

    Have you been to jail? Did you read newspaper? Did you even watch TV?
    Look at all those news, father who rape own daughter, murderers, rioters, scammers, pickpockets, “hypnotizers”, demonstrators turn anarchy and blah blah blah….. what are they? Chinese or people like you?
    Look in the mirror and you’ll see what the majority criminal race in Indonesia really look like.

    You don’t just categorized all into criminals, and labelled them as “most wanted criminals”.
    What about those bali bombers? australia embassy bombers? are they not THE “most wanted criminals”?

    You are just jealous cause those rich guys can run away and live happily while you still have to rot out here.

    One last thought:

    Why waste so much time and effort trying to get all those money back when you can make them bring their money back to Indonesia willingly and sincerely?
    (Do you think confiscating all their money will make Indonesia better? and you lives will be better? Face it, you are just one selfish bastard that just wanna see other people suffer like you.)

    Answer to the above question:

    Just make Indonesia the best investment place in the whole damn world, and all those corruptors will be back bringing their money to invest in Indonesia willingly. PERIOD.

    but seriously, i doubt this is going to happen.

    My own quote : “We came late and outrun you, if we were to do this one more time, we’ll still outrun you”

  • Purba Negoro Says:
    June 12th, 2008 at 6:40 pm Why would Indonesia seek to import these scum imported by the Dutch to rob us of our lands and wealth?

    Chinese are a continual reminder of Colonial injustice and theft against the pribumi.
    We pribumi can stand on our own two feet perfectly well without these Wong Singke.

  • WT Says:
    June 26th, 2008 at 7:12 am PN you should learn to respect others, consider the indigenous richmen are behaving the same too, even worse, they abuse their power over their own people without shame or try to cover it up. no, indonesia can’t survive without chinese hardworkers, manipulation is just a way of survival, now if u hate the chinese because they can manipulate better than indigenous people, thats not chinese indonesians’s fault, its that you can’t accept natural law. thats why dutch people in colonial era respected chinese newcomer more than indigenous people, because they were more useful to accelerate economy. now its a new era and you should get out of your old colonial circle.
  • KC Says:
    July 4th, 2008 at 2:34 pm PN your comments are biased and uneducated. The Chinese were not “imported” by the Dutch. In fact the Chinese have been military and political allies to Kings and Sultans of this archipelago since the 1400’s!

    The Portugese, Dutch, Sukarno and Suharto had partnered with the Chinese because they had the established commercial and business distribution where they had the political and military power. The main issue of this country is the systemic corruption that prevails in all areas…Have you wondered why all the politicans are successful businessmen and vice versa and people who are very successful in business have relationships with politicians??? In this respect they are all criminals, pribumi or otherwise, doesn’t matter what race they are.

    Bigotry and hate are based from fear. Knowledge is power.

  • Irman Says:
    July 11th, 2008 at 8:44 pm Purba Negoro
    are u speaking on behalf of all indonesian? exactly MOST of us dont even mind about the presence of chinese here. If u really hate those chinese just go to china and throw your anger there but i doubt you will be safe there..
  • tomaculum Says:
    July 11th, 2008 at 10:58 pm Purbo Negoro,
    what about trying to work harder, spinning your network, to be a businessman, to be a human being (a normal human being)? Instead of complaining and accusing?
    There many Indonesians too, who are reminders of colonial injustice. What about them? Not so bad, ’cause they have brown skin?
    It is boring to read and to hear such “romantism”.
    Try to stand on your own feet (you can stand on your own feet? Ha, ha!)
    Btw: these scums play important roles for Indonesian economy.
    The clever heads in the government know it, some “patriots” don’t know it and they call them (the chinese) names like “scum”.
    Such behaviour doesn’t fit to Indonesian culture (”tidak sesuai dengan kebudayaan Indonesia”).
    Or is Indonesian culture no more important, because there is another culture “upon” it??
  • Andrew Says:
    July 12th, 2008 at 12:47 am Purba Negoro, did you not have enough education, did you not have enough nutrition during your growing period that your IQ remains low, or are you just plain jealous?
  • Purba Negoro Says:
    July 14th, 2008 at 11:10 am tomaculum you are an ignorant fool

    Fact: Chinese were imported en masse by Dutch and British colonials circa 1820 on- with plenty of VOC/EIC documentation to substantiate.
    The Chinese formed the essential compradore link for the Cultuur Stelsel system and Colonial overlordship of native authorities.
    Dutch originally imported Chinese coolies to work en masse as Javanese bondsman digging a canal in Batavia refused to work under dreadful Dutch conditions, made strike and became unruly.

    The Dutch duplicated what the British did in Malaysia- importing a pliant, willing brown-nosing class to undermine the indigenous local authority.

    Raffles, without understanding the Javanese codes of land ownership considered it feudalistic and serfdom in extremis- forcibly removed lands from the pribumi nobles.
    Daendals further capitalised on this new VOC ownership of prime arable lands now conveniently free from fees to nasty pribumi who had a mind for rebellion

    From Essential Outsiders- interestingly co-written by Chinese and Jewish authors- thus claims of racial bias are null and void:

    page 45: “…the [sic Chinese run] opium farms again provided the lions’ share Chinese run TAX FARMS [sic in Netherlands India] represented a quarter of all revenue in 1820s… by 1870 there were more Chinese involved in TAX FARMING that there were Dutchmen in government service…
    page 47: “Crey mentions that large number of attacks on Chinese TOLLGATE keepers and traders in the Javanese princely states of the 1820s as their demands on revenue from peasants increased…”

    p56: “in matters of money, the Chinese are entirely devoid of morals and mercy. They will cheat you with a smile on their face at their own perspicacity…”

    Your lack of non Politically Correct newspeak education speaks volumes about your Western moral onanist society intent on total ignorance and emotive rather than rational argument.

    The Chinese diplomatic relationship between Indonesia and Majapahit was mutually friendly- and trade related- Chinese wanted ebony, teak, sandal wood, camphor wood, star anise, cumin, turmeric. Javanese wanted ceramics- as we see from the many shipwrecks- including many amazing ceramic pieces even astounding Chinese mainland scholars.

    Fact: Neither country had any military involvement, alliance etc other than the most usual mutually beneficial preamble we still find in todays diplomatic reassurances.

    Yet another Glodok myth.

    Chinamen- whence ye master the language of the Angles- read a university monograph such as Rickleff’s superb: History of Indonesia (Monash Uni Press- where I got my PhD, incidentally.

    Chinese- post Suharto- you are now officially redundant. Return home to South China and free us from your well-documented economic opportunism and parasitism.

    Perhaps the questions to be asked and answered honestly:

    Why is the “Chinese Problem” or the “middleman minority” such pervasive problems for Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia?

    Doe this infer genetically closely related Vietnamese are “lazy” like the Malaysian and Indonesian pribumi?

    Or more rationally why are Chinese willingly used as disposable pawns, middlemen, financiers etc of indigenous powerbrokers- a legacy of colonial racial divide et impera- thus undermining themselves pribumi manjority?

    Chinese bends over to pribumi powerbroker- who says: “keep bending over or the nasty native will get you” and stokes the native anger to ensure Chinese complicity.

    Reading list for the dullards here (sorry no pictures or pop-ups- but many BIG words)

    A History of Modern Indonesia Since C. 1200: Third Edition
    (Merle Calvin Ricklefs)
    Indonesia and China: The Politics of a Troubled Relationship
    By Rizal Sukma
    “Essential Outsiders: Chinese and Jews in the Modern Transformation of SE ASian and Europe”
    (by Daniel Chirot et al).
    “Golddiggers, Farmers, and Traders in the “Chinese Districts” of West Kalimantan- (sic: how things never change)” (Mary F. Somers Heidhues)

  • tomaculum Says:
    July 14th, 2008 at 11:51 am Purbo, Old house,
    Wow, it impress me that you’ve found out so much about the history.
    But read again my comment, please.
    Yes, Iam a fool to discuss with you.
    Last words: stop complaining about the past, do something for now (thas is my basic message). )
  • RADEN Says:
    July 14th, 2008 at 10:12 pm

    Chinese are a continual reminder of Colonial injustice and theft against the pribumi.
    We pribumi can stand on our own two feet perfectly well without these Wong Singke

    purba = pre-historic
    negoro = country

    I hope mas Purba expressed his opinion about Indonesia in the pre-historic era of our country …
    pls calm down mas Purba, I am Raden Joyohadiningrat still love all Indonesian chinese

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    1. roysianipar said,

      this roysianipar speaking.

    2. musa said,

      can u send me contacts of richest people in indonesia

    3. roysianipar said,

      hello bro this is only for batak student only not for mafia mr hit man like you and my self. too hot to handle bro.

    4. purbanegoro said,

      Why don;’t you suck my dick Chink lover

      • roysianipar said,

        purba asshole why dont U jump in front of some one car then u said fuck …U think big but u got small dick

      • roysianipar said,

        why dont u suck urs self u fucker

    5. Kelly said,

      indonesians have to speak out their opinions
      when u get a criminal like sukanto in ur country, punish him, plz
      he deserves all the punishments
      don’t let sukanto bulling indonesians n donated a lot of money to china
      be brave, indonesians, when u speak up, the world is with u
      p.s. i’m not indonesian 😀

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