when Jesus angry told christian poeple in ACTION fast jobs better Than Islam in action So what religion do U like? its seems all of them loves in action.islam,christian,budha,hindu,I thinks Loves religion is the answer.

Terror of the Atomic Bomb—–

If your country has a possibility bombing the atomic one in the future, just think it over….. 500,000 of our lovely grandparents died in the flash with Radioactive Heat…..Thousands of bodies were evaporated…..
Other survivors, after 50 years, are still suffering from the effects……

She was just a junior high school girl, only 14 years old….

Hiroshima Dome, Aug 6th 1945
Radioactive Heated Victim 0
Radioactive Heated Victim 1
Radioactive Heated Victim 2
Radioactive Heated Victim 3
Radioactive Heated Victim 4
Radioactive Heated Victim 5
Radioactive Heated Victim 6
Radioactive Heated Victim 7
Radioactive Heated Victim 8
Radioactive Heated Victim 9
Radioactive Heated Victim10
Radioactive Heated Victim11
Radioactive Heated Victim12
Radioactive Heated Victim13
Radioactive Heated Victim14
Radioactive Heated Victim15
Survivor’s Story of the Hell 1
Survivor’s Story of the Hell 2
Survivor’s Story of the Hell 3

It’s very hard for me to inform you this tragedy, but somebody have to do this, I think it is our mission as human beings…..
In the Nuclear-Society……Never take the wrong way…..

I strongly desire the next generation’s happiness and peace…..


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