european gave bible to Batak and Batak gave the land/landcrops

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Salib Kasih, the Cross of Love

The Salib Kasih marks the spot where, in 1862, Ludwig Nommenson stood and looked over the valley populated by the Batak people of Sumatra. There he confirmed his call to bring these people to the knowledge of their Saviour.
Now, on this spot stands not only an enormous white cross with lights, but also an outdoor worship amphitheater (made of white tile, like the pulpit and cross) where there are weekly worship services. To get to this special place you must climb a fairly steep and lengthy trail. And there’s no assurance that it won’t rain — after all, this is the tropics. Still, we got the impression that the worship services are well-attended. 

Clearly the site is valued among the Batak people: there is a new visitor’s center with a larger parking area under construction at the base of the trail, and all along the trail are small monuments to the churches and individuals who have visited or contributed to the site.

By some accounts,



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